Our category expertise

We have a portfolio of suppliers and producers in the Balkans market. With nearly 1,000 partners throughout this area, we are covering a large range of commodities and products.

Supply flexibility

  • Raw materials and commodities
  • Semi-finished products
  • Bulk products
  • Customized Products

Direct supply

We are sourcing directly from manufacturers, producers and farmers without intermediaries and wholesalers.


Our categories 

Organics certified products

Cereals and starchy foods / food supplements / Preparation from fruit and vegetables / sweet and salt grocery / Beverages



Dry products

Fruits and vegetables (dried), nuts / Condiments and sauces (dried mushrooms, olive oil, spices, sauces, pickled vegetables) / Canned and cooked food / sweet and delicatessen / specialties / Desserts.


Frozen products

Fruits and vegetables / fish / Appetizers / Food kitchens / food preparation pasta (flaky, jufka …) / specialties.

Drink and alcohol

Juices, sodas / Alcohol and specialties by countries / regional wine / energy drinks